D.Hilbert Learning System is an after school Math enrichment and child potential development program. It is designed to help students improve their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills.

D. Hilbert System incorporate activities that help students progress in developing analytical, critical reasoning and problem-solving skills. The program is aimed at:

  • Helping children overcome math anxiety or fear of math.
  • Create strong foundation in Math and develop liking for math.
  • Create capability to perform speedy mathematical calculations.
  • Cultivate patience and enhance mental focus skills increasing self confidence.
  • Improving visualization and observational skills.

Enhancement of these skills not only helps children become highly skilled in mathematics but cultivates positive study habits impacting child’s overall academic achievements.

Step by Step

D.Hilbert Learning system is based on five factors.

Beginning with Achievement:
Advancing with Achievement:

Gaining Proficiency

A comfortable beginning skill level for each student is determined through a diagnostic test. The student is therefore capable of completing his assignments independently. The sense of achievement at initial stages lays the foundation for self-motivation leading towards self-regulated learning.


D. Hilbert Learning makes it easier for students to master mathematical concepts in small steps. Optimum challenges are set for the students throughout the learning process and with every new assignment students gain proficiency in new skills of gradually increasing difficulty.


D.Hilbert Learning's Assessment and Reporting model determines proficiency on the bases of speed and accuracy factors. In order to progress to next micro-skill level, student must complete the current micro-skill level within the prescribed time and with 100% accuracy level.

Maintaining proficiency
Customized Learning:

Research proves that routine practice is one of the best method to master Maths. D.Hilbert system is based on the same philosophy. Students attend alternate-day sessions three days a week. For the remaining days they are given home assignments that can be completed in 15-20 minuets.


D.Hilbert Learning is not based on classroom or common tutoring model. Instead, it focuses on individual  potential of each and every child. Therefore, learning program is also customized to the capabilities of each child giving him the opportunity to master skills at his own pace.


Self Motivation & Self Regulated Learning

D.Hilbert Learning System creates the spark of self motivation among children and develops self-regulated learning habits. The system is based on the research that has shown that when students enjoy learning, they learn more, comprehend what they learn better, and remember it longer. They are also more persistent and more eager to do challenging work.

D. Hilbert Learning System's micro skill structure is designed in such a way that it makes it easier to master mathematical concepts in small steps. Regular practice help students gain proficiency in micro level skills as they progress through the purposefully designed curriculum. Optimum challenges are set for the students throughout the learning process and they are rewarded for achieving it.

Nothing motivates children more than the feeling of competency.