Students are required to attend alternate-day sessions three days a week. Each session lasts for 60 minuets. The session is carefully structured to include various necessary tasks.

D-Hilbert Learning sessions are conducted at Qirtas Foundation's Education Complex (E.PLEX) located in P.E.C.H.S Block-6. Foundation plans to establish two additional E.PLEX in the near future and take its learning programs closer to more and more young learners. 


Learning sessions are available from 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Monday to Saturday. Student's are not grouped into classes. Instead, every student is provided individual space and material according to his own learning plan.  

Learning Material

D.Hilbert Learning System's micro-skill architecture makes it easy to mater mathematical concepts. Along with specially designed regular exercises, D.Hilbert Learning also utilizes a variety of supplementary teaching tools to enrich learning experience. Some of these tools are:

Number Boards

To develop hand coordination and improve motor skills.

  Digitized Flash Cards

For memorizing math facts and master mental mathematics

  Computer Applications

Technology tools are extensively used to enhance students proficiency in various skills.


D.Hilbert prefers instructors who regard themselves as lifelong learners. You will find our crew of passionate instructors  warm and caring who are able to create positive climate for learning. Their major responsibility is to guide students to the path of success through direction, support and encouragement.

Instructors are trained to be passionate about child's happiness and provide a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem. They are dedicated to developing child's learning potential and are sensitive to child's individual needs.

Parental Role

One of the major objectives of D.Hilbert Learning System is to make students proactively regulate their own learning process. However, parents can make a positive impact by creating a home environment that's conducive to kids getting their homework done.

D.Hilbert parents are expected to:

  • Setting a regular homework time.
  • Choosing right place for homework and removing distractions.
  • Provide support and praise their child for homework completion.
  • Be available to provide non-critical assistance.
  • Monitoring child assignments.
  • Stay in close contact with D.Hilbert instructor to know child’s progress at the center.