What is D.Hilbert Math Foundation program?

D.Hilbert Math Foundation program is an after school Math enrichment and child potential development program designed to enhance student's mathematical thinking capabilities and make them self-regulate learners.

What is the right age for D.Hilbert Math Foundation?

D.Hilbert Math Foundation Program is for children aged 4 - 16 years. Currently we are accepting enrollment of children aged 4-8 years.

Who is D.Hilbert Math Foundation For?

D.Hilbert Math Foundation is a complete child potential development program. It helps students who are struggling with maths as well as those who want to develop advanced mathematical thinking skills required for future challenges. Skills acquired by students at D.Hilbert can also be applied in other subject areas.

Why D.Hilbert Math Foundation can be an effective complement to school education?

In Classrooms and tutorial sessions group of students are taught together regardless of individual capabilities of the students. D.Hilbert Learning System focuses on individual potential of each and every child. Therefore, learning program is also customized to the capabilities of each child giving him the opportunity to master skills at his own pace.

Does D.Hilbert Math Foundation program correspond with school curricula?

There is a high degree of general correlation among the math curricula around the world. Skill levels in Math Foundation Program are aligned with common British and US Sate standards.

How does D.Hilbert Math Foundation Program differ from tutoring?

In individual tutoring session focus is on helping student solve specific questions from text book. D.Hilbert Math Foundation Program, on the other hand emphasizes on mastering mathematical concepts and skills. The course also incorporate activities that help students progress in developing analytical, critical reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills and acquiring mathematical habits of mind.

Where should students start?

An appropriate and comfortable beginning skill level for each student is determined by the diagnostic test. The student is therefore capable of completing his assignments independently. The sense of achievement at initial stages develops confidence and lays the foundation for self-motivation leading towards self-regulated learning.

How much time commitment does the program require?

Students have to attend one hour alternate-day sessions three days a week. For the remaining three days they are given home assignments that can easily be completed in 15-20 minuets each day.

How do I get started?

Fill up the form to set up a meeting with D.Hilbert instructor to know more about Math Foundation Program or schedule a diagnostic test fro your child.