Math is the key to a successful future of your child. It is basic to the study of science, engineering, technology, business management and economics. Increasingly it is also used in social sciences and arts.

Does Mathematics Really Matters?

Mathematics is a universal part of human culture. It is the tool and language of commerce, engineering, physics, computing, biology and other sciences. (1) It greatly contributes towards development of imagination and innovative skills of young minds. For our children to be successful in their careers, they must have the skills that a mathematics education can provide, like logical reasoning, flexible thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Mathematics has often been termed the “gatekeeper” of success or failure for high school graduation and career success.(3)

Why Math is a challenge?

Most school students experience problems in learning Maths and applying mathematical concepts in other subjects. Mostly teachers rely too heavily on rot memorization isolated from meaning. (3) Such techniques make it difficult for students to recognize and retain math concepts. Effective Math instruction must include concept building, relevant challenging questions, problem solving, reasoning, and connections with the real-world situations.

One of the major factors is students' lack of proficiency in basic mathematical skills.

Building Solid Foundation in Math

D.Hilbert Learning system is aimed at developing mathematical capabilities right from the beginning. The learning method incorporate activities that help students progress in developing basic Mathematical skills, logical reasoning, flexible thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Enhancement of these skills helps children become highly skilled in mathematics and creates positive impact on overall academic achievements.

Mathematics is considered one of the most difficult subjects by students.